Who Really Decides Elections?

DominoesToday, most people say our country is on the wrong track (source).  If you ask them what they can do about it, a common reply is “throw the bums out in November.”

For those who think this way…think again.

  • Did you know that due to gerrymandering, 80% of voting districts are now controlled by one party (source)?
  • This means in these districts you could run almost anyone in the general election and he or she would win as long as that person has an (R) or a (D) by their name.
  • So, waiting to vote in the general election is too late.
  • In these districts, the only way to make a change is in the primary election.
  • Yet, fewer than one in four vote in the primary.

But there is even more to the story…

  • Did you know that a small group of people called “party central committee” has the power to vote to “endorse” candidates before the primary?
  • When they do endorse, a candidate has about a 90% chance of winning the primary.  In a one party district, such a candidate is a lock to win the general.
  • How it works is that once a candidate is endorsed, that person’s name gets put on a “sample ballot” which is distributed before the primary (i.e. handed out, mailed, posted online, etc.).
  • Rightly or wrongly, most voters rely on these guides to choose whom they will vote for.

But who are these central committee members and where do they come from?

  • Generally, one person from each voter precinct can be elected to serve on local party central committee.
  • Elections for central committee occur in the primary.
  • In Ohio, in most cases, it only takes five valid signatures to run for central committee.

So why haven’t you heard about central committee before?

Because the party doesn’t really want you to know about it.

In fact, many central committee positions go unfilled at election time because no one even bothers to run. This suits the establishment just fine because they can appoint their crony friends to the open positions. That way, when the endorsement vote comes; viola!  Instant supporters for the establishment and their pals.

Want to take our country back? Want to throw the bums out? Want to see more principled candidates elected to office?

Don’t wait till November.

Instead, do two things:

  1. Run for CENTRAL COMMITTEE and encourage other liberty-minded friends to do the same.
  2. Encourage as many liberty-minded people as possible to vote in the PRIMARY.

Check with your county board of elections (directory) to find out when the next county central committee elections occur in your area and what is required to run. There is no time to lose. Now is the time to get involved and spread the word to others.