When ‘Remember in November’ is too late


A map of gerrymandering from the 1800s

In November of 2014, Congress had an approval rating of around 12%. Given such poor ratings, what percentage of Ohio’s Congressional incumbents do you think won reelection?

100% of them.

How does this happen?

  • “Legislative districts” like those for Congress, state senate, and state house are drawn by establishment interests or “gerrymandered” to favor one or the other of the two major parties.
  • This packs the districts full of supporters who in November tend to vote for whichever candidate shares the controlling party’s affiliation.
  • The fate of issues like Common Core, Obamacare/Medicaid expansion, new taxes, and state spending are determined largely by members of the legislature.
  • If politicians we disapprove of know we will never be able to replace them at election time, why should they ever listen to us?

If your representative is unresponsive or votes the wrong way on issues important to you, waiting until November to make a change may be too late. The pathway to change instead is likely during the primary.

Join Ohio Precinct Project on Saturday, June 27th in Troy, Ohio to learn how by serving on party central committee, everyday citizens can gain the power they need to influence the primary and determine which candidates ultimately appear on the November ballot.

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