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Urgent! Candidate filing deadline is December 16th

Welcome to the Ohio Precinct Project

  • Are you tired of politicians telling you one thing when running for office and then doing the opposite once elected?
  • Are you frustrated with begging politicians to do the right thing and getting no results?
  • Are you unhappy with seeing the same establishment candidates on the ballot every election?

There is a solution…

By taking back local political parties, regular citizens can have a more powerful say in the political process, help restore the integrity of the parties, and put more liberty-minded candidates on future ballots.

The key is learning more about something called party central committee. Central committee members are the real party establishment. These individuals elect the party leadership, approve the party bylaws, and vote to select and endorse the party’s candidates.

Now is the time to get involved!

Join others all over Ohio already making a major difference in this area. Central committee positions are elected in the primary. For counties with central committee elections in 2016, the filing deadline to run is December 16th. After December, depending on where you live, the next opportunity to get involved won’t come again for another two to four years.

Three steps to making a difference,

  1. Learn more about central committee at this link; how it works, how much time it takes to serve, its immense power to decide who gets elected, and how to become a member.
  2. Call your local Board of Elections today (directory) and ask when the next central committee elections occur in your county and how to put your name on the ballot.
  3. Click here to connect with others running for central committee in your area.

Please learn more and do your part! 

By taking back local parties, and putting more liberty-minded candidates on the ballot, ‘We the People’ truly can restore America.