Door to Door Letter / Election Day Postcards

Many candidates in contested races find it helpful to reach out to voters in their precincts prior to the election.

A door-to-door effort can usually be done in a day or so (even faster with a couple volunteers). Some like to stop and talk to voters, others simply distribute material in door-hanger bags.

Here are a few sample campaign letters and postcards:

Campaign Websites

You may wish to establish a campaign website for your race. Use your website to let voters know how you feel about issues or share articles, links, and videos of interest. After your election your website is a great way to stay in touch with the people in your precinct.

“Super Voter” Lists

Contact your local board of elections and obtain a “walk-list” for your precinct. The walk-list shows voters that are listed as members of the party for which you a running. This is a good list of people to contact as these people are generally more likely to vote in the primary.

Sort the list by address to identify voter “households.” If you send mail to your precinct, this can save you postage. Most “super voter” lists (i.e. lists of voters who usually vote in the primary) average less than a few hundred households per precinct.

Election Day Handouts

Where permitted, it is a great idea to hand out postcards about your candidacy at the polls on election day. Simple photocopies of the postcard “backs” (see above), work great.