Ohio Precinct Project Central Committee Trainings

Ohio FlagOur country needs better political leadership.

  • Have you ever been to an election and not liked the choices?
  • Are you disappointed and frustrated by seeing the same “establishment” candidates on the ballot over and over again?
  • Are you tired of politicians continuing to spend money we don’t have and growing the size of government?
  • Are you tired of elected officials who won’t listen to constituents and do the opposite of what they promise?

Will your voice ever be heard? 

The answer is YES!  

There is a way that regular citizens CAN make a real difference and take charge of the political process from the elite party establishments. The answer is through “party central committee.” Central committee members are the backbone of the political parties in our state and have a powerful influence over which candidates are ultimately elected to office – and you can be a member!

Learn how regular citizens just like you can take back the political parties in Ohio from the establishment and help put better quality candidates on the ballot. For counties with central committee elections in the 2016 primary, the filing deadline to run is December 16, 2015.

Learn more in Columbus on October 31st:

Saturday, October 31st, 11AM – 2PM
Ohio Precinct Project “Rally to Recruit”
Statewide 2016 Primary Central Committee Candidate Recruitment Kickoff
Where: Columbus Convention Center
Ballroom 4-5
400 N. High St
Columbus, OH 43215

People are policy. If you want to change the policy, you have to be able to change the people who are in charge. Citizens can increase their influence on the political process by taking a more active role in the way candidates are chosen for the parties.

Join us on October 31st and learn how you can help with this critical effort to turn our country around!